Wisconsin Elections Commission - This link is the place to find Voter Information. Here's where you will find the forms you will need to get Applications for Absentee Ballots and Voter Registration, Military and Oversea's Voter Ballots, as well as specialty ballots for new Wisconsin residents removed from Military or Overseas Absentee Ballots. Once you get on the site, click on Voter Information, then click on the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you explore this site My Vote you will find most any information you will need concerning the voting process.

OR you can simply click on the Forms and Publications link then click on All Forms to find the forms you need:

EL-121 - Application for Absentee Ballots

EL-131 - Application for Voter Registration

EL-138 - Authorization to Cancel Registration

EL-139 - Authorization to Cancel Previous Registration - New WI Resident

EL-140 - Application for Presidential Ballot - Former WI Resident

EL-141 - Application for Presidential Ballot - New WI Resident

... and many more.

Under Forms and Permits page on our website you can find the basic forms for voting also.


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